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Milsatcom Middle East Conference Days: 24 - 25 February 2015
Middle East Military Space Symposium: 26 February 2015
Ritz Carlton Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  Securing national space assets and infrastructure is one of the top concerns for international military forces. The Middle East is no different - securing vital national infrastructure including communication networks, banking, space-enabled navigation and ground based infrastructure is imperative to the nation’s sovereignty and military capabilities.

The inaugural Middle East Military Space Symposium will host key discussions about the role of modern militaries in securing the space domain. Strategic issues such as national space security policy and regulations, space situational awareness, the role of governance and space reconnaissance will be addressed at the event.

While space activities continue to provide value, it is challenging to identify, measure and execute long-term projects and optimise the use of space for security, economic, civil and environmental needs. The symposium will educate regional military and government planners on the importance of a national space strategy and how they can be developed.

  Day Three, Middle East Military Space Symposium
  Thursday 26 February  
08:30 Registration & Coffee
09:30 Welcome Address by the Chairman
09:35 Opening Address: Space strategy for modern nations
  Dr. Omar Al-Emam, Space Technology Consultant, UAE
09:50 Session One: Securing national space assets in outer space
Securing Space assets in a complex and increasingly active political environment
Multilateral efforts reflecting the perspectives of the growing number of states engaged in or hoping soon to be engaged in space activity
Expanding the definition of security to include the protection of economic activity and sustainable development dependent on space assets
Diminishing asymmetries in space dependence to limit the number of traditional military actions that can be taken without reducing the security of one's own space assets
Evaluating the critical importance of accurate information and situational awareness whether obtained through intelligence or systemic transparency

Dr. Michael Simpson, Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

10:20 Q&A session with Dr. Michael Simpson & Dr. Omar Al-Emam (20min)
10:40 Networking Coffee Break (30min)
11:10 Session Two: Space enabled regional defence
Space based capabilities for effective regional defense
Space has inherent security advantages while providing regional support
Broad spectrum of space missions support all phases of planning and operations
Solutions that are defined around operational requirements including security, integration and timeliness will better serve regional defense

Mark Valerio, Vice President and General Manager, Military Space, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

11:40 Session Three: Vital significance of reconnaissance operations
A historical perspective of reconnaissance
Civil reconnaissance benefits society
Disciplines within reconnaissance operations
Using non-traditional information sources for reconnaissance
Space operations as an information consumer

Paul Andrus, Instructor, National Security Space Institute, USA

12:10 Q&A session with Mark Valerio & Paul Andrus (20min)
12:30 Networking Coffee Break (30min)
13:00 Session Four: Collaboration is key - situational awareness, a space tracking practitioners perspective

A reflection on the UK militaries contribution to space situational awareness, in particular space tracking. Exploring current military, civil and commercial collaborations for increasing space situational awareness. Ultimately raising the question of the requirement for space traffic management to assure future access to space for all nations.

Sqn Ldr Ralph Dinsley, SO2 Space Situational Awareness, Royal Air Force, UK

13:30 Q&A session with SqrLdr Ralph Dinsley (10min)
13:40 Closing Remarks by Chairperson & End of Milsatcom Conference
13:40 Networking Lunch
Bring existing national space laws and legal schemes in line with national security objectives
Highlight key aspects for a coherent national space security policy
Fill the gaps in existing national space security operations and introduce space security measures
Network with industry experts and international colleagues - get valuable feedback and connect with government and defence officials
Gain insight into the security aspect of military communications
  The Symposium will inform and engage those involved in military space activities, space agencies, government policy makers and the commercial industry. It will be of particular relevance for decision makers from military services engaged in the design and operation of space systems, their advisors, insurers, military and civilian security specialists. This includes:
Military space / satellite departments
National space programmes
Aerospace research agencies
Reconnaissance and remote sensing agencies
Satellite operators
Defence procurement agencies
Ministries of defence / interior
Cyber security and information assurance agencies
Universities and research bodies

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