Chairperson’s Welcome Address

John Yates, Satellite Communications Consultant, Rosacom Ltd

UAE Space Agency Opening Keynote Address

UAE’s strategy to ensure resilient and robust military satellite communication networks

HE Mohammed al Ahbabi, Director General, UAE Space Agency


French MilsatCom Update

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteUpdates on Syracuse IV (COMSAT NG)

Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier, Program Officer for SATCOM at the Joint Space Command, French Joint Staff


Full Spectrum C4 with MilSatCom

The new Spanish MoD MILSATCOM “SPAINSAT NG” Programme. Goals and Roadmap

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteEnsuring effective command and control for beyond line-of-sight operations
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGuaranteeing communication capability in theatres of operation lacking communications infrastructure
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteDeveloping more mobile, higher capacity, better secured and better assured communications
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteUnlocking the potential of the network centric battlespace - netcentric warfare and operations

BG De Salas, Head of C4ISR & Space Programs in the National Armament Directorate, Spain


Networking Break


Assessing the MilSatCom Environment in the Middle East

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteBuilding readiness and resilience – implementing a total, end-to-end, space and ground segment, mobile satellite service
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteIdentifying future regional needs, enhancing capabilities and developing space assets
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteDefining the differences to other markets
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteComparing options for regional satcoms capability - commercial services, hosted payloads, dedicated military satellites and leasing
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteAssessing spectrum issues

Maher Ezzeddine, Chief Executive Officer, Ideanco, Chairman and President, Harvard Business School Aerospace, Alumni Group
Asif Anwar, Programme Director, Strategy Analytics
Jawad Abbassi, Head of MENA, GSMA
Tariq Al Awadhi, Executive Director for Spectrum Management, Telecommunications Regulations Authority, UAE


Capacity Building – Strengthening of MilSatCom Architecture and Building Robust Networks

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteAchieving higher satellite capacity by improving military communication network planning
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteOpening up new service capabilities for government and militaries
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteLeveraging the emerging opportunities of High Throughput Satellites and Military Ka band
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteEliminating communications bottlenecks and solving latency problem

Wing Commander Paul Drysdale, DDC4OPS CIS Branch, New Zealand Defence Force


Integrated Space Defence Architecture

Senior Representative, Lockheed Martin


Understanding Government and Military User Requirements

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteImproving satellite performance through seamless network service
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteDelivering more bandwidth and higher data speeds
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteMeeting the growing requirement for bandwidth and higher satellite capacity
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteHandling resource-hungry applications like UAVs

Julien Veyssière, Project Manager - SATCOM, Thales Communications & Security


Networking Lunch


Commercial Hosting of Military Payloads

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteEnabling greater flexibility, integrated sensor and communication solutions
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteAccommodating orbital location and design control
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteMaintaining sovereign capability and control
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteEvaluating the cost benefits and downfalls of hosting versus deploying own satellites
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteCase studies  - examples of successful civilian hosting of military payloads

Tony Colucci, Vice President, SSL


Technology and Market Outlook for Next Generation MilSatComs

Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteForecasts for spending on global military communications systems
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGrowth of the military satellite terminal market in the MEA  region
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteGrowing demand for higher frequency Ka-band terminals
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteSupporting multi-band and/or wideband operations
Collage thumbnail for WASS websiteFuture component technology choice and demand

Asif Anwar, Programme Director, Strategy Analytics


End of Conference